Mahanadi Coalfields Dispatched 5.4 Lakh Tonnes Of Coal In October

Mahanadi Coalfields has said that it has adequate stock of coal

Amid fuel crisis faced by many states earlier this month, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has dispatched more than 5.47 lakh tonnes of dry fuel across the country till October 17, 2021, which it claimed was a record.

According to a statement issued by MCL, the company broke its own record of dispatching 5.45 lakh tonnes of coal within a fortnight.

The company also dispatched the highest ever 103 rakes of coal to various plants, the statement said further.

The company’s chairman P K Sinha said that MCL has sufficient coal stock for the month of October and in fact the coal production, dispatch and overburden removal have registered a growth of 26.5 per cent, 34.3 per cent and 71 per cent respectively as against the same period during the previous fiscal.

The company said that in order to maximise supplies led to an average dispatch of 5.17 lakh tonnes of coal per day during October.

Government had asked Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries including MCL, to increase dispatches to power plants as several of them were left with a minimum of two days of coal earlier this month, leading to a power crisis in the country.

Meanwhile MCL recording an impressive double-digit growth during the current fiscal, as it produced 78.5 million tonnes of coal, registering a growth of 12.16 per cent over the corresponding period of last year.

The company also dispatched 89.65 million tonnes of dry fuel to consumers as against 74.33 million tonnes supplied during the same period last year.

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