Man Catches Huge Anaconda With Bare Hands

Mr Holston often shares videos of his interactions with wildlife.

In the realm of daring wildlife encounters, a recent viral video has taken the internet by storm, showcasing an extraordinary feat of courage and skill. The footage captures the heart-stopping moment when a fearless man successfully catches a huge anaconda using only his bare hands. This gripping encounter with the massive serpent has captivated viewers worldwide, sparking admiration and amazement at the man’s audacious bravery.

A video posted on Instagram by Mike Holston, a zoo keeper from Miami, Florida who refers to himself as The Real Tarzan and The King Of The Jungle shows Mr Holston fearlessly confronting the giant serpent. He often shares videos of his interactions with wildlife.  

The video begins with the man cautiously approaching the massive anaconda, which appears to be comfortably settled in its natural habitat. As the suspense builds, the man seizes a moment of opportunity and swiftly grabs the snake, showcasing an astonishing level of precision and control. The onlookers, presumably fellow adventurers or bystanders, react with a mix of shock and awe as the man skillfully wrestles the formidable serpent into submission.

The caption of the now-viral video reads, “What an expedition …successfully caught a monster anaconda of Venezuela.”

See the video here:

Posted 5 days ago on Instagram, the video has amassed over 11.2 million views and an array of comments. A user wrote, “Probably the bravest black man on this planet.”

Another user wrote, “The ending with the kiss.”

“That’s wildly impressive,” the third user wrote on Instagram.

“You really gotta be that jacked and fearless to handle one of them in the wild,” the fourth user wrote. 

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