Meghalaya Police Issue Funny Advisory On New Year’s Eve

The Meghalya Police Department warns revellers not to drink and drive.

The Meghalaya Police have issued a citizen advisory on how to celebrate the New Year safely. Officials have asked people not to drink and drive while going to celebratory events and to refrain from traffic violations.

In a creative Facebook post, the Meghalaya police shared a graphic with text that read, “This new year’s eve, we have open (behind the) bars.”

The post was shared with the caption, “On this #NYE2023, don’t end up on the other side of the bar(s)! Celebrate responsibly, don’t drink and drive.”

The post was well received on social media, and several people commented about the problems they face on New Year’s Eve.

One user, named Van Shangpliang, explained the problems he faces during these times and wrote, “I’ve witnessed several times that the one-way road in Shillong became two-ways mostly after 9 p.m., which definitely put the travellers at high risk.” e.g., Polo to city dhaba junction, DC office to SP office junction, civil to barik, etc. Is this allowed? If not, what mechanism will you use to tap the defaulters? If it is allowed, then please issue a public notification so that the general public is made aware. Moreover, two-wheelers overtaking on the wrong side is such a common trend these days that the ethics of driving and riding have completely disappeared.

“Is the Meghalaya Police laying a trap? The words “behind the” are too small to notice,” commented another user.

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