Men of this tribe go through punishment in order to marry a girl

There are many places on the planet that are unexplored or have yet to be discovered. The lifestyle or culture of such a tribe of people will blow your mind. One such place is Africa, which is home to countless traditional customs. Many centuries after the fall of civilization, some of these ancient traditions are still followed in the far-flung regions of the continent.

In some Fulani communities in Northern Nigeria, men who are ready to start a family do not have the luxury of just approaching the bride as we do.

In order to locate a wife, young Fulani men in Nigeria compete with one another in a tradition called sharo. Wooden sticks and canes are used to beat the competitors in order to test their endurance.

The groom is beaten up by the more senior members of the community during the flogging practice in the “Sharo” tradition in order to gain a wife and respect.

The marriage is called off if the man is unable to handle the suffering. Flogging is not a required practice because so many young members of this tribe have died from it.

However, it has become less common in recent years as a result of some Fulani men denouncing it as hazardous and against Islamic law.

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