Michelle Obama Reveals How Secret Service Would React To Her And Barack Obama’s Public Display Of Affection

The couple celebrated their anniversary on October 4.

One of the most popular couples on the internet is former US President Barack Obama and author. Recently the former first lady described how subtly Secret Service personnel would react to their outward demonstrations of affection. On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, Mrs Obama described the romantic trip she and her husband took to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, according to a report in the Independent. 

The pair recreated their 1992 honeymoon to mark their anniversary milestone in October. Following their nuptials, the couple rented a car and travelled to California’s West Coast. However, this time around, there was some difference as they had “a motorcade and Secret Service” accompanying them.

Michelle Obama said on the show, “It was a little different but it was the thought that counted.” She also added that the Secret Service agents assigned to protect the former president and first lady are like “family” to them. Describing the men’s reaction, Mrs Obama said on the show, “They tend to turn away, They look away.”

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The couple celebrated their anniversary on October 4. Mr Obama took to Instagram to share photos with his wife. Along with the photos, he wrote, “Miche, after 30 years, I’m not sure why you look exactly the same and I don’t,” he began the caption. “I do know that I won the lottery that day-that I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!”

The Instagram post also included an image of the phrase “Barack + Michelle” written in the sand inside a heart.

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