Microsoft: Microsoft 365 down for thousands of users, this is what the company has to say

Microsoft 365 suite, which includes Word and Excel, was down for more than 15,000 users, outage tracking website Downdetector shows. Microsoft services have faced at least three outages since the beginning of the year, reports news agency Reuters.
The issue looks to be global. At the time of writing, Downdetector suggests that there are nearly 800 outage reports related to Microsoft 365 in India. About 91% of the problems are reported on Outlook, 7% on Microsoft Exchange and 2% on Sharepoint.

Here’s what the company has to say
According to Microsoft 365 Status, the official Microsoft account for updates on certain Microsoft 365 service incidents, the company is investigating the issue.
“We’re investigating an issue with accessing Outlook on the web. Further details can be found under EX571516 in the admin centre,” it said in a tweet.
“We’re reviewing our networking systems and recent updates in an effort to identify the underlying root cause of the issue. Additional information can be found in the admin centre under EX571516,” it added.
Several users claim that the Outlook desktop stopped working for them. The affected people include both Windows and macOS users. People say that they are unable to send emails.

Microsoft 365 AI features
Microsoft, earlier this year, announced various AI-powered features for the Microsoft 365 suite. Recently, a report claimed that at least 100 of Microsoft’s largest customers that are testing the AI features in the productivity apps are already paying a flat fee of $100,000 for up to 1,000 users for one year.
Citing a person with direct knowledge of the pilot program, a report by The Information said that the customers with 1,000-seat subscriptions are paying “at least 40% more versus the classic version for productivity software that automates tasks such as writing text in Word documents and creating PowerPoint slides.”

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