‘Money Heist’ Stars Board Vix+ Series ‘Travesuras De La Niña Mala’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Stars of Money Heist and other cast have boarded Vix+’s Spanish-language series Travesuras de la Niña Mala, which is based on the novel by Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa and has revealed first look image. Trailer is below.

Fernando Soto, who plays Ángel in Antena/3 Netflix smash Money Heist, and Fernando Cayo, who plays Coronel Tamayo, join previously announced Juan Pablo Di Pace and Macarena Achaga. Others to join include Martijn Kuiper (Los Hombres de Paco), Rowi Prieto (Aj Zombies), Vanessa Saba (Ella y Él), Victor Civeira (La Bella y las Bestias), Nestor Rodulfo (Che: Part: One), Steph Bumelcrownd (Lo Que la Gente Cuenta) and Javier Dulzaldes (Al Fondo hay Sitio).

Money Heist director Alejandro Bazzano is helming the show and has been joined by director Pavel Vázquez, as first look image is revealed.

Filmed in London and Paris, TelevisaUnivision’s flagship series for Vix+ tells the epic love story between Arlette (Achaga), a nonconformist and adventurous woman, and her once teenage love, Ricardo, a man trapped in a predictable routine. Thanks to Arlette, he slowly learns to get out of his comfort zone. These two characters’ lives will intertwine over 40 years, through reunions across Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, London, and more.

María López Castaño (Valeria) wrote the series based on the acclaimed novel of the same name.

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