“Most Expensive McDonalds Ive Ever Had”: Customer Fined INR 10K For Eating Slowly

Why McDonald’s is so popular? Good burgers at low prices, what more one can ask for? But an otherwise affordable McDonald’s meal turned out to be costlier that a dining at a 5-star restaurant for a customer in Cambridge. He had to bear a heavy cost of eating at McDonald’s, and his only mistake was to order too much food and taking too much time finishing it. We were as stumped as you might be after reading this. Read on for the complete story.

Shapour Meftah visited McDonald’s on Newmarket Road, Cambridge and parked his car in the parking space allotted to the fast-food restaurant. He met his brother there after work and had a nice meal and came back home. All was well until he received penalty notices from a private parking company, UK Parking Control, for parking his car at McDonald’s for too long.

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Shapour Meftah told CambridgeshireLive, “It was parking from hell – the most expensive McDonald’s I’ve ever had,” The fixed penalty notices issued by the company came to around INR 10K for his two visits to the McDonald’s on Newmarket Road on two days – January 4 and January 6, 2023. The parking company fined him because he that he crossed the 90-minute time allocation for McDonald’s customers at the parking space.

“There’s no sign inside McDonald’s that says you have 90 minutes to sit down, eat and go. You don’t want to rush your meal and we ordered quite a bit of food,” Meftah fumed.

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