Neena Gupta Relishes Moong Dal Paratha – 5 Paratha Recipes To Try

Moong dal is one lentil that is not just loaded with nutrients but is also super versatile. From the wholesome dal tadka, to crunchy pakodas and the absolutely delicious halwa, moong dal can be used to make a number of Indian delicacies. It is a primary source of protein for vegetarians, and comes with ample room for experimentation. Don’t believe us? Check out Neena Gupta’s latest Instagram entry. The veteran actress relished moong dal in a paratha. Yes, you read it right. Neena Gupta savoured moong dal paratha, which looked super yummy. Widely popular in Rajasthan, this breakfast delight is prepared by first grinding and cooking moong dal separately. The coarsely ground moong dal is cooked with spices and then stuffed inside the dough.

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After seeing Neena Gupta’s tempting moong dal paratha, are you craving a delicious paratha for your next breakfast? Do not worry, we have got you covered with some simple paratha recipes that you can prepare in just a few minutes.

1. Dal Paratha

A popular Indian flatbread stuffed with flavourful, spiced lentil filling. It is a delicious and nutritious dish enjoyed across India, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Click here for the recipe.

2. Aloo Paratha

A beloved North Indian stuffed paratha featuring a savoury potato filling. It is a wholesome and satisfying meal, often served with yoghurt, pickles, or chutney. Recipe here.

3. Gobhi Paratha

A favourite among vegetarians; gobhi paratha offers a crispy, flavorful experience, especially when paired with butter. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Malabari Paratha

A unique South Indian flatbread enriched with coconut and spices. Its flaky layers and aromatic flavour make it a delightful accompaniment to curries and chutneys. Detailed recipe here.

5. Garlic Paratha

A flatbread infused with the aromatic flavour of garlic. It complements a variety of dishes and adds a distinct zing to the meal. To get the full recipe, click here.

What kind of paratha do you love to eat for breakfast? Let us know in the comment section.

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