Netizens slam the judges for being lenient with Aruna’s coffee shrikhand; write, “Ab kahan gaya woh tone when you sued Priyanka?”

The semi-finale challenges of MasterChef India have kept the home cooks under pressure. However, with the guest chef Prateek, the Dabbawalas thali challenge became a boon for the pink team with Aruna, Gurkirat and Sachin as they had the most advantage of getting help from the head chef.
Aruna went for a bold innovation by making filter coffee shrikhand, which ended up being a major failure for her. She presented the dish without even tasting it once and called it her hero dish. The judges even called out her dish but viewers weren’t impressed with their reaction.

Netizens pointed out the biased tone and even slammed Ranveer Brar for not being as strict with Aruna as he was with Priyanka. There were a series of comments pointing out Ranveer’s behaviour, Garima’s reaction, and more.
Here’s what they wrote:

“Clearly the blue team should win. Wanna see if judges put the pink team in black apron challenge where they have 2 of their favorites or change the rules to make them safe n jst hand some stupid advantage to blue team if at all some chamatkaar happens n they win #MasterChefIndia”

“@ranveerbrar best reaction to filter coffee shrikhand”

“Jethalal trying to figure out where is innovation in arunas dish”

“Even today’s episode Chef Pratik was helping (actually working with them) the Pink team (Aruna) on the other hand criticizing the Blue team (Swarna). We should all stand against this biased play in the show.”
“Chef ranveer didn’t mention for once to pink khane me mirchi jyada thi.. !!! Why..??? #MasterChefIndia”

“Its clear now why #MasterChefIndia is the worse masterchef show amongst all the nation’s. Pathetic partial judges. Applause for @ranveerbrar @TheVikasKhanna @garima_ar. Giving Paneer instead of fish to #aruna is criminal & unfair to others. Corrupt and pathetic.”

“How politely chef Ranveer told about arunas dahi and coffee disaster…ab kaha gaya wo tone that u sued with priyanaka”

“Those who supports gurki dekh lo…he dont know how to knead dough for poori..chef prateek made it..nd today using aata to roll poori..person who dont know how to make poori which is basic he reach till here..only chef Ranveer and garima knows”

“Vikas Khanna said that a master chef cook must know to cook everything. Then what Aruna is doing on the secure side? “

“Makers today winner should get advantage something worth fighting for.else it will proove that ydays episode wa just to mislead viewers nd saving some reputation of judges nd makers.baki aruna ki dish kitni bhi buri ho chefgarima nd ranveer usko acha bana hi dete”

A netizen also pointed out at Chef Garima pretending to taste the dish. In the Abu Dhabi special episode, when she was supposed to taste Priyanka’s dish, she only dipped the fork and pretended that she has tasted the dish while the fork was empty.

What is your take on this major reaction on slamming the judges for being biased towards Aruna?

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