Nicolas Cage Wants To Star In A Musical, Plus ‘National Treasure 3’ Update – Deadline

Nicolas Cage has starred in a range of film genres throughout his career but one thing that he hasn’t done is star in a musical. The National Treasure actor is now talking about what character he would like to play if he were able to be in a musical.

“I haven’t done a musical yet,” he told Empire in an interview. “I’d like to try that. I’m not much of a singer. I did sing okay in Wild At Heart, I thought, but I’ve since blown my voice out singing ‘Purple Rain’’ incorrectly in karaoke bars.”

As far as the musical Cage would like to participate in, he said, “I think I’d make a good Pontius Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Cage also noted that he channeled Elvis Presley adding, “I was trying to approximate what it felt like to see Warhol’s marvelous collages of Elvis Presley as a cowboy with a six-shooter. I wanted to see if you could do that with film performance. Plus, I think if David Lynch could cast anyone in any of his movies he would have wanted to have cast Elvis, so I think he was excited to roll with it when I suggested it.”

Jerry Bruckheimer recently teased that he is working on a third installment of the National Treasure franchise. News of the film came as the producer was promoting the Disney+ spinoff series National Treasure: Edge of History.

“We said we’d like to make another National Treasure and they said, ‘Sure, let’s come up with a new cast,’” Bruckheimer told E! News. “At the same time, we were developing National Treasure for the theaters with Nicolas Cage—which we still are. So, that’s ongoing.”

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