On CCTV, Brand New Mercedes Crashes In Railing On Surat Road

A brand new Mercedes rammed a roadside railing in Surat after the driver lost control of the speeding vehicle on Monday night, a CCTV video shows.

The woman, who had recently bought the car, was driving it on Dumas Road in the city’s Piplod area on Monday night when the accident occurred. The CCTV video shows the car driving close to the edge of the road before it suddenly swerves and hits the iron railing separating the bus lane from the rest of the traffic. 

The car bursts through the railing and jolts to a stop. Within seconds, a crowd of people rush to the spot and gather around the vehicle to check on the driver. They open the car’s door to help her out. 

After a while, she slowly steps out of the vehicle and stands beside it. While she appears to be unharmed, police say she suffered minor injuries in the accident as the car’s airbag had deployed.

Police also said that when the accident occurred strong winds were sweeping the area and the woman may have rammed the railing due to the low visibility. 

The car was registered in the name of Kalpana from Gaurav Path, police said.

(With inputs from Mahendra Prasad)

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