Optical illusion personality test: What your partner sees first can reveal if they are completely honest or highly secretive

Personality tests are a great way to filter out someone’s core personality traits. Here is one interesting test you can try with your partner. What makes it fun is that it is not a boring questionnaire but an interesting optical illusion where you cannot cunningly get the “right” or “desired” answer beforehand.
So what do you need to do? Couples can try this test together, or you can just share it with your partner, or test your own personality when it comes to being in a relationship.
Now you have to note whose face you observe first. Is it the woman or the man in this sepia-toned picture of a man and a woman embracing each other. One answer can reveal whether the person attempting the test has no-filter communication with their partner, while the other may show that they are too secretive and do not share much about themselves.
Once you make note of the first face you observe, read the interpretation below.

Those who see the woman first

People who see the woman first could be more open with their partner. They are not overly calculative and enjoy sharing all their thoughts, feelings and experiences with their partner. They genuinely believe that communication is the rock of any relationship and are often dissatisfied and disappointed if their partner does not respond with the same degree of communication.
They also believe in investing in long term relationships and are willing to put all the hard work required to get through the low points in a relationship.

Those who see the man first


People who see the man first could be more reserved in their relationships. They find it pointless to tell their partners everything and usually think a lot before revealing very personal information. They often conceal it by talking about other random things of their interest, but back off from having “the talk” or “getting real”. They have a hard time exposing their vulnerable selves to anyone and would often be seen joking around so that no one could sense the troubling thoughts buried deep in their minds.
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