Optical Illusion: You are brilliance personified if you can spot the hidden heart in under 12 seconds

Find the hidden heart right away! The newest fad on the internet is optical illusions. The idea of deciphering optical illusion photos fascinates people, which is what drives them. Optic illusions are great for scientific investigation and are often enjoyable. Science uses optical illusions to better understand how the human brain works. Studies show that by sharpening our minds and eyes, optical illusions might increase our observational skills.

In this image of an optical illusion, a heart is disguised. In 12 seconds, can you find the hidden heart? Use this optical illusion test to evaluate your observational skills right away.

Are you up for a short challenge?

As you can see, there are several elephants in this image, and they are all different colours. The others are dark pink in colour, while some are purple, pale pink, and white. You have 15 seconds to locate the heart that is camouflaged in this image. Have you found the secret heart?

Want a hint?

Okay! If you look closely at the picture, you can see an elephant carrying a banana. Did you see the elephant wearing a black cap, too? Excellent, you are a good observer if you spot these signs. But, do you see the heart that is concealed?

Time’s up!

According to our tests, it should take an average individual with decent observational abilities about 15 seconds to find the hidden heart among the elephants. How many of you have already found the heart’s hiding place? Some of you, we think, have managed to find the heart. You are quite good at observing things and being aware of your surroundings.

Here’s the answer:

For those who had trouble finding the heart, don’t let your spirits go damp. The answer is marked with a red circle.


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