Paul Verhoeven & ‘Robocop’ Writer Re-Team For ‘Young Sinner’ – Deadline

Benedetta filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is re-teaming with Edward Neumeier, the screenwriter behind Verhoeven’s classic genre movies Robocop and Starship Troopers, on a political thriller titled Young Sinner.

The pair revealed the news during an interview with Moviemaker, telling the publication that the pic would be akin to Basic Instinct and would be made with as few digital elements as possible.

“I’m really think that what Neumeier and I, at this moment, want to do with this script, Young Sinner, will be an innovative version of movies like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct,” Verhoeven told the mag. “And it would not be adding all kinds of digital elements. As little as possible.”

Young Sinner is a political thriller set in Washington, D.C.,” Neumeier added. “Our heroine, a young staffer who works for a powerful Senator, is drawn into a web of international intrigue and danger, and of course there is also a little sex.”

The director also added that the film was similar to his previous pics Black Book and Elle, albeit on a bigger scale with a wider audience in mind, and that he had been looking for a similar project for 10-15 years.

“We have been consulting with a former intelligence officer, Ron Marks, who is trying to keep us real about Capitol Hill and the spy business, but satire always seems to emerge when Paul and I work together, so I expect our new adventure will have a light tone,” Neumeier added.

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