Percy Jackson And The Olympians Eps & Cast Talk Season 2

Disney+ isn’t wasting any time getting Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2 underway.

While the renewal announcement came just a few days ago, executive producer Jon Steinberg says “there’s a couple of scripts” already in the works.

“They’re in really good shape. I think starting to boot up this machine again is an undertaking. There’s a lot of trains leaving the station all at the same time. But I think we’re feeling really good about creative and about how to plan for how to tell the stories,” he added during the Disney+ series’ panel at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

As with Season 1, Steinberg and executive producer Dan Shotz assured that they are leaning heavily on the book to tell the story. They will also rely on author Rick Riordan and his wife, executive producer Becky Riordan, to adapt Sea of Monsters.

“To be honest, it’s really fun to just be back in the writers room this way,” Shotz said. “We’ll be building the story going forward, and also looking with books three and four and five…how we can bring stuff into the season to keep evolving the story.”

As far as a timeline for when to expect Season 2, Steinberg says it’s coming “as soon as possible.” He also admits he know that might not be a completely satisfying answer, but it’s all they can give audiences for now.

“We all feel the the demand and response from people wanting to see more of what we were doing,” he said. “But we want to do it right and make sure that the second season of the show lives up to or surpasses the first.”

Of course, fans can expect to see more Olympians make appearances in the later seasons — possibly even beyond their roles in the book series.

“I think part of the show is really exploring that,” Steinberg said. “So I think part of the fun of thinking about our story is getting to expand that.”

Season 1 included some stellar guest stars, including Lin Manuel Miranda as Hermes, Lance Reddick as Zeus, and Adam Copeland aka “Edge” as Ares. The series leads have already started thinking about who they’d like to see make appearances in future seasons as some of the other Greek gods and goddesses.

Aryan Simhardi (who plays Grover Underwood) threw out the idea of Christopher Judge as Atlas, while Walker Scobell (aka Percy Jackson himself) said he recently thought Sam Claflin would make a great Apollo.

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