Piers Morgan Says ‘Succession’ Is “Vegan TV” After Logan Roy’s Death – Deadline

Piers Morgan is not a fan of Succession sans its patriarch.

The TalkTV and Fox News anchor turned his rage on HBO’s media mogul drama on Tuesday, arguing that it has become “vegan TV” without Logan Roy.

We’re now four episodes into Succession’s post-Logan life and Morgan thinks the series is lacking a bit of bite as Roy’s children vie for supremacy.

Succession without Logan Roy sucks. Got to Ep 7 and really struggling to maintain interest. It’s become vegan TV … missing the hot sizzling meat,” Morgan tweeted.

It may be personal for Morgan, who appears to be fond of Brian Cox having hosted him on Piers Morgan Uncensored twice in the space of seven months last year.

Succession is winning rave reviews elsewhere, with the likes of The Daily Telegraph awarding episode seven four stars.

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