Home Blogs PM Modi-Bill Gates discuss AI, Deepfake, climate change: Top quotes

PM Modi-Bill Gates discuss AI, Deepfake, climate change: Top quotes

PM Modi-Bill Gates discuss AI, Deepfake, climate change: Top quotes


At a time when India is going through a digital revolution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and philanthropist billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Friday had a freewheeling discussion on the menace of deepfake as well as the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Climate change, women empowerment, and renewable energy were also among the topics that were discussed between PM Modi and Bill Gates in the 45-minute interaction. The video was posted by the BJP on its YouTube channel.

PM Modi also spoke about India aligning with the core purposes and objectives of the G20, and touched upon the government’s experience of hosting the historic New Delhi Summit.



PM Modi: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very important. If we use AI as a magic tool, it will perhaps lead to a grave injustice. If AI is relied on out of laziness, then it is the wrong way to walk. I should have a competition with ChatGPT and strive to go ahead of AI.

Bill Gates: These are early days in AI. It will do things that you think are hard and then it will fail to do something which you think is easy. It seems like AI is a huge opportunity but there are a few challenges that come with it.

PM Modi: I put AI to great use during the recent G20 Summit. The G20 campus featured AI-based solutions for language interpretation. For instance, a local driver could converse with a foreign delegate with the help of an AI-enabled voice app.


Bill Gates: The use of AI gives us a huge opportunity but it also involves a some challenges as well. How do you think India will approach that?

PM Modi: Challenges posed by AI copped up due to lack of training. If something is AI-generated, it should mention beforehand that it is AI-generated. Take Deepfake for example. Certain people are using others voices for malicious activities to dupe people.

PM Modi: If someone uses my fake voice, there will be a huge chaos. I believe any such piece should just say it is AI-generated, for some time at least.


PM Modi: As per my experience, Digital Technology has significantly benefitted our country. I am of firm belief that India is set to make huge strides as far as the fourth Industrial Revolution is concerned, with the Digital Technology at its core.

Bill Gates: The Digital infrastructure is getting better by the day with a lot of people getting more aware of identity system, digital payment system and with the government digitising a range of its programmes, just saves a lot of money.


Bill Gates: The G20 is way more inclusive and so it is fantastic to see India hosting it. Really raised things like digital innovations and how the south-south collaboration can be far more than just the dialogue with the north.

PM Modi: I believe we have now aligned with the G20’s core purposes and objectives, bringing them to the mainstream. I hope your first-hand experience echoes this sentiment.

Bill Gates: Our foundation is so excited about the past results that you have achieved here in India, that we would be a partner in trying to take that into many other countries.


PM Modi: I am pleased to say that India has made a rapid progress in renewable energy sector like solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy. We are also working on creating green hydrogen.

Bill Gates: India has a rich history of caring about the environment. How do you see connecting that with climate change?

PM Modi: We have made reuse and recycle a habit. The jacket I am wearing is made of recycled material, which includes cloth waste as well as 30-4-% plastic waste.

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Mar 29, 2024



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