Police On Horseback Chase Down Driver Using Phone At Wheel In UK

Officers chase down a driver using a phone at the wheel.

In most countries throughout the world, it is against the law to talk on the phone while driving due to the potential for harmful scenarios. Two mounted police officers recently galloped after a man using his phone while driving in a Somerset town in the UK.

The man was driving a silver car on a busy road while constantly talking on his phone and was spotted by two police officers on horseback, according to an Avon and Somerset Police video that was shared online.

Watch the video here:

The police department is notified in the caption that an operation is being run to reduce the risk caused by drivers who use their phones while driving. This driver was stopped on East Reach in Taunton, and now he will face 6 points and 200 pounds fine.

You can see the horseback officer addressing the motorist while telling him, “You know you shouldn’t be using your phone,” with a downward gaze.

He replied: “No, no music. I have a problem” the officer replied, then asked, “But you’re driving and you’re on the phone, and I can see that there’s a phone call ongoing.”

According to The Metro News report, a spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: “The footage of the horses was filmed on March 7. I am not sure if they were deliberately deployed for mobile phone enforcement, or happened to see this incident and responded accordingly.”

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