Pulkit Samrat Turns Tradition Upside Down, Performs ‘Pehli Rasoi’ At Kriti Kharbanda’s Home In Bangalore | People News

New Delhi: Renowned for his unorthodox approach to life, Pulkit Samrat has once again captured the spotlight by challenging tradition in a heartwarming gesture. The esteemed actor recently made waves across social media platforms as he undertook his inaugural rasoi at his wife Kriti Kharbanda’s family home in Bangalore.

Traditionally, the rasoi ceremony symbolizes the moment when a newlywed bride cooks for the first time in her in-laws’ house. However, Kriti, taking to Instagram, shared captivating images of  Pulkit gracefully embracing this age-old tradition in a refreshing role reversal. 

The journey to Bangalore marked the couple’s first trip together post-wedding and presented Pulkit with a unique opportunity to express his love and reverence for Kriti and her family. By participating in this cherished custom within a different familial setting, Pulkit exemplified his modern outlook on marriage and relationships.Pulkit Samrat’s unprecedented gesture not only touched hearts but also ignited meaningful conversations about breaking stereotypes and reshaping long-standing customs.

 As the couple continues to script their love story, their willingness to challenge norms and celebrate individuality serves as a beacon of inspiration to many.From Pulkit’s wedding attire adorned with the Gayatri Mantra to the unconventional choice of sherwani color, and Kriti’s heartfelt gestures such as donning her mother’s wedding dupatta and her grandmother’s necklace, the newlyweds are consistently pioneering new trends. 

Pulkit, renowned for setting trends, shattered the Internet once again with his portrayal of the first rasoi for his beloved wife and in-laws in Bangalore. 

In a departure from the norm where the bride traditionally prepares the pehli rasoi for her husband and in-laws, Pulkit’s bold action is setting a new precedent for men everywhere.In celebrating Pulkit and Kriti’s journey, we applaud their courage to challenge conventions and inspire a new wave of modern love. 

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