Randall Emmett Racial Discrimination, Hostile Workplace Suit Dismissed By Plaintiff – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The Irishman producer Randall Emmett will not be heading to court to face a scathing racial and religious discrimination and hostile workplace lawsuit after all.

Less than a month after the Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films co-founder’s personal assistant sued Emmett on the potentially damning claims, the attorney for Martin G’Blae today filed a request for dismissal in LA Superior Court. The November 11-dated filing (read it here) from Young Park of Marlis Park P.C. is “with prejudice,” which means the action cannot be instigated again down the line.

“The parties have discussed their claims and potential claims against each other and as a result of these discussions, Mr. G’Blae’s complaint is being dismissed with prejudice,” Park told Deadline Wednesday. “Mr. G’Blae has decided to dismiss his complaint and Mr. Emmett has agreed to not pursue damages for what he strenuously maintains were false allegations made against him,” said Emmett’s lawyer Suann MacIsaac also. “The matter is now closed,”  the  Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump Holley LLP attorney added.

No details of any settlement were provided.

Back on November 1, G’Blae alleged a plethora of alleged outrages, cruelties, and illegalities against his controversial ex-boss. “G’Blae was unlawfully terminated due to his race, religion, and disability; in retaliation for requesting reasonable accommodations for his disability; in retaliation for complaining of racial harassment; in retaliation for complaining of unpaid wages; and complaining of and resisting numerous unlawful and unsafe activities and instructions,” the 24-claim and jury seeking complaint from the African-American ex-EFO staffer said.

Detailing racial slurs galore, insurance scams, drug use, physical violence and more over the plaintiff’s stint at EFO in 2020, the suit followed a Right to Sue notice granted to G’Blae from the state of California’s Civil Rights Department against Emmett, partner George Furla and their film companies.

No stranger to lawsuits nor personal and professional discord, Emmett, the ex-fiancée of Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, always denied any truth to G’Blae accusations and legal action. “Randell Emmett has never used a racially derogatory term in his life and Mr. G’Blae knows it,” MacIsaac said earlier this month for her client. “Mr. G’Blae has been attempting to extort thousands of dollars from Mr. Emmett for months,” she continued.

What ever the truth of any of that, now the matter has been dealt with – far away from public prying eyes.

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