Rob Lowe On Father-Son Dynamics In ‘Unstable’ & His ’70s Malibu Idea – Deadline

On this week’s episode* Rob Lowe tells some seriously juicy stories—of growing up in Malibu, losing his girlfriend to Warren Beatty, and why he was deeply unpopular with the mothers at his son’s school. And that’s just the start…

Among other musings, anecdotes and memories, we also discuss the space-time continuum (yes, really), and Lowe recalls an otherworldly, transcendent experience he had, inspired by his dear friend, the late, great Bill Paxton.

Along with John Owen, the younger of his two sons, Lowe co-created and stars in Netflix comedy Unstable, which has currently paused production of its second season due to the writers’ strike. The show follows an eccentric biotech entrepreneur whose introverted musician son is forced to step in and save him and his company from disaster.

Father and son play… father and son. Along with Victor Fresco, the pair cooked up the idea of showcasing their comedic dynamic onscreen after John Owen gained a reputation for mercilessly—and hilariously—roasting his father on social media.

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*This podcast was recorded prior to the start of the writers’ strike.

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