Rob Schneider’s Debut Book Set For Pre-Election Release This Fall

EXCLUSIVE: Comedian, actor and former SNL writer Rob Schneider is set to release his first book. In a competitive situation, Center Street, a division of Hatchette Book Group, will publish Schneider’s You Can Do I! Speak Your Mind, America, on September 24.

The date was deliberately chosen to coincide with the final stage of the 2024 Presidential campaign.

According to the publisher, in the book, Schneider uses humor and stories from his life to offer a searing and hilarious commentary on American culture and the threats to free speech. Taking on current politics in America, he argues that Americans are living under a new kind of tyranny and comments on the new threats to free speech, the fight for medical freedoms, climate change hysteria and, “of course, Hunter Biden,” per Center Street.

“I am a traditional liberal which apparently makes me a right-wing fascist now!” Schneider said.

The comedian has become a polarizing figure over the last few years with his views on vaccines, transgender people and cancel culture, among other controversial topics. Some of that was reflected in his 2023 comedy special, Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America, carried by Fox Nation.

Additionally, Schneider has been an outspoken critic of President Joe Biden, endorsing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president last year.

Beyond politics, the book also touches on Schneider’s experiences in show business and on Saturday Night Live, on which he was a writer from 1990-1994, as well as several SNL specials. From lessons he learned from actors Christopher Walken and Martin Landau to the 27 films he made with Adam Sandler, Schneider reveals never-before-told stories from his decades-long career.

Currently, Schneider can be seen performing around the U.S. on his stand-up comedy tour. His recent screen credits include the Sandler Netflix animated feature Leo, the independent feature Dead Wrong and Daddy Daughter Trip, which he directed and produced.

Schneider has just finished directing and co-starring in the Spanish language film, Amor Es Amor for Paramount Plus. 

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