Sacred Games actress Kubbra Sait reveals ‘no regrets’ on having an abortion after one-night stand at 30! | People News

New Delhi: Actress Kubbra Sait, who shot to fame with Sacred Games has released her memoir titled Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir. The talented find shared details of her personal life in the book, narrating incidents which surprised her fans. 

In the book named ‘I Wasn’t Ready to Be a Mother’ tells about the time Kubbra went on a trip to Andamans in 2013. She was 30 and had a night time scuba diving experience, followed by a one-night stand and abortion. “A week later, I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I wasn’t ready for it. It just wasn’t the way I had imagined my life or my journey,” the actress wrote in her book.

Recently, in an interview with Times Digital, Kubbra opened up on the incident. She said, “I think I was not ready for it. I was not ready because I was not ready for it as a human being,” the actress reveals, before going on to add, “I don’t think I am still ready. I don’t understand this pressure around women to get married at 23 and have children by the time they are 30. It is like a set invisible rulebook. I knew I was not ready for it.”

Reflecting on the regrets, she quipped, “No regrets, Of course, I felt like a terrible human being! A horrible human being because of that choice I had made. But my feeling bad did not come from how I felt but rather how other people would perceive it. My choice was about me. Sometimes helping yourself can be hard. But it is ok. You have to do it, ” Kubbra said.


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