Samantha Bee Heads Out On Tour – Deadline

Samantha Bee is going on tour.

The former host of Full Frontal is taking her stage show Your Favorite Woman on the road next year.

The tour – Bee’s first – will start in Newark, NJ on April 7, 2023 before taking in 14 other cities.

She said that the “obscene vanity project” will remind people that women are “inherently magical beings despite what six Supreme Court justices and your Instagram feed wants you to believe”.

The tour will be presented under Samantha Bee and Kristen Everman’s production banner, Swimsuit Competition, and produced by Kim Burdges with tour production from Maggie Seidel at M2M Entertainment.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee ran for seven seasons and was canceled at TBS in July.

“Many of the best segments we did on Full Frontal focused on making complex issues more accessible,” said Bee. “And I am called to do that once again. Not sure why. Nothing much is happening in the world of women’s bodily autonomy, so I am taking it upon myself to teach the parts of Sex Ed that should’ve been taught by your gym teacher.”

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to reach a theater full of people at once, instead of my other plan – to individually knock on doors and deliver this show in living room after living room,” she added. “And so, in the immortal words of one of our most renowned news icons [Bill O’Reilly]: ‘We’ll do it live. F*ck it’.”

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