Sexual Assault Charges Against UK Hitmaker Rex Orange County Dropped – Deadline

Sex assault charges against Rex Orange County, the chart-topping English singer-songwriter whose real name is Alexander O’Connor, have been dropped, with the Crown Prosecution Service announcing yesterday, according to the BBC, that the evidence “no longer met” its test for a prosecution.

The 24-year-old O’Connor had faced six charges of touching a woman without consent last June.

In an Instagram post, the singer writes, “Today, all charges against me have been dropped. The Crown Prosecution Service reviewed the evidence and decided that there is no merit in this case going to trial, not guilty verdicts were entered to all the charges.

“I have always denied these allegations,” he continued, “and am grateful that the independent evidence has cleared me of any wrongdoing. I have never assaulted anyone and I do not condone violence or abusive behaviour of any kind.”

In the Instagram message, O’Connor goes on to state that closed circuit TV footage obtained by police contradicted the the account of the woman who claimed that the singer touched her “leg, neck, back and bottom.”

“It’s been a difficult time for everyone involved and I’d like to thank the people who have helped me through it, as well as my family and loved ones for their continued support,” O’Connor writes.

O’Connor canceled his Rex County Orange tour dates last July, writing, at the time, that he did so “with a great deal of sadness” and that the cancellations were “due to unforeseen personal circumstances.”

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