Shark Tank India 2 gets slammed for giving chance to actress Parul Gulati; netizens say, ‘She came for marketing, not funding’

Shark Tank India 2 aired its last episode on March 10. While the season saw its share of appreciation and criticism, one of the final pitches got trolled for featuring actress Parul Gulati and her hair extension brand.
Parul, who has done shows like Girls Hostel, Your Honor, Illegal – Justice and Selection Day, shared what led her to start her entrepreneurial journey since she was already an actress.

She also talked about her brand that catered to different hair problems that women suffered such as hair loss, hair thinning, damaged hair etc. She said it’s also for those who like to experiment with their hairstyles.
Parul asked for Rs 1 crore for 2 percent equity. Sharks Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta offered her the same amount for 3 percent while Amit Jain decided to give her what she asked for. She took Amit’s offer.

After the episode aired, several netizens felt upset. They felt that Parul was on the show for marketing, not funding of her brand. Some called it a ‘scripted drama’. There were others who felt that a common man with a new startup should have been given the opportunity as Parul was capable of arranging funds for her brand.

A user wrote, “Another scripted drama. Isse acha kisi aur business ko opportunity de dete jinko jarurat thi, iss pitch ke wajah se koi deserving business ko mauka nahi mila (should have given some other business who needed it an opportunity, this pitch might have made a more deserving business suffer), she is an influencer at the end of day, already has fame and everything. This pitch sucks poore season mein 5, 6 pitches aisi hai jinki jagah kisi aur ko hona chahiye tha (the whole season had 5 to 6 pitches that could have been done away with). Seriously too much scripted drama.”

Another commented, “Better to support some small or common man start ups. She is an actress, and can arrange funds by herself.”

A netizen shared, “The sad part is she didn’t know her numbers, she admitted it also, and still was not scolded like other entrepreneurs and got 2 offers out of which she agreed on 1 which was Amit’s.”

There was yet another who wrote, “You know, guys, she didn’t need funds. What she needed was marketing by coming on shark tank , and anyone can tell that she can arrange that amount easily😂😂😂 that was marketing not funding.”

In an exclusive conversation with ETimes TV, Parul shared, “People will say that I don’t deserve it because I am an actor. But I have started from scratch. I have worked very hard to build what I have. I started from a living room where the capital amount was just Rs 5000. If I cannot go then I don’t know what else could be a good pitch.”

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