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NEW DELHI: Shravan Patil Aka Okshravan is known for his brilliant film direction. He is an ace director of the Indian film industry and performs his duties with excellence. While a director’s job description involves participation in nearly every phase of a project, the tasks are a bit altered if they are working in a theatre, TV on a web-series as many important decisions are taken on the sets. Shravan Patil, known to be master in his work, does it all.

Shravan manages the creative aspects of the production. He directs the making of a film by visualizing the script while guiding the actors and technical crew to capture the vision for the screen. Moreover, he also controls the film’s dramatic and artistic aspects and is an all rounder from Interpret scripts.

Right from setting the film tone to working with department heads, coordinating with casting directors to find raw talent, directing actors and the camera, working with editors to assemble the film, teaming up with sound and music departments, Shravan keeps himself involved in all stages of filmmaking. He also takes the liberty to tweak or alter the script during development. Moreover, he also plays key role in pre-production stage of filmmaking. His effectiveness in implementing their vision during pre-production boils down to budgeting and script breakdowns as much as it does artistic intent.

Whether they’ve written the screenplay or not, Shravan will want to wade through the entire draft during pre-production to gauge how much of it will needs rework or revisions. These are the reasons why he is also referred as ‘The Perfectionist’.

His project name OG studios is making wonders. He has his production house tagdog media and also has directed a number of songs like ‘Kyun Jau Me’, which has been sung by Aditya Narayan, ‘Anwar’ by Salman Ali, ‘Dee Mere’ by Harshit Chauhan and many more.

A film’s tone should be thoroughly considered and discussed before the first shot is taken. Okshravan has the final say on this and it’s up to him to execute it.

By communicating with every department head, from cinematographer to the production designer, the entire crew must be on the same page to be able to execute their vision. Shravan is one such name who fulfills all these tasks thus becoming one of the ace names in bollywood for directors.

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