Signal App Down: WhatsApp-rival Signal not working due to tech issues

WhatsApp rival app Signal is facing some technical glitches and is down for most users globally. Signal users in India were unable to send messages or make calls on the platform. The service appears to be completely down and there is no tentative timeline yet as to when Signal will restore normalcy.
When users opened the Signal app Monday morning, they were greeted with a message that read: “Signal is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible.”

The company confirmed the same on Twitter and said, “Hold tight, folks! Signal is currently down, due to a hosting outage affecting parts of our service. We’re working on bringing it back up.”
Signal did not reveal any specific details about what exactly is causing the outage.

The recent change WhatsApp’s privacy policy triggered major controversies that helped competitors like Signal and Telegram to gain more users in India and around the world. Signal gained a lot of praise of late after it came to the forefront that it collects almost no personal details compared to Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Signal is said to enable more privacy and makes it almost difficult for third parties to track messages at all.
This is the first major outage that Signal is facing after it’s gain to prominence.
Signal claim that it doesn’t track the contact book or links your phone number to create your digital profile. Of course, it requires a phone number for initial registration, but you can use a virtual phone number to verify the OTP. The Signal account is linked to a PIN that only you are aware of. This makes tracking users difficult.

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