Swiss Businessman Sues British Airways For Rs 52 Crore After Slipping On Liquor, Says He Suffered Brain Injury

He said he struggles to concentrate because of the ”traumatic brain injury.”

A Swiss businessman has sued British Airways for 5 million pounds (Rs 52,88,30,180) after suffering a brain injury at Heathrow Airport when he slipped on a puddle of Baileys liqueur. As per a Metro report, the incident happened in 2017 when he was travelling from London to Zurich. Andreas Wuchner, who ran an office supplies company, is now taking legal action against the airline, claiming his head injuries incurred due to the fall, caused his business to fail.

According to the complaint, the fall resulted in headaches, forgetfulness, and concentration issues that impacted his ability to work, ultimately causing his office supplies company to shut down. 

He said he struggles to concentrate because of the ”traumatic brain injury.”

A London court already awarded Mr. Wuchner 130,000 pounds in February 2021, but the case is now returning to court for a pre-trial hearing, where the focus will be on whether British Airways was negligent.

Narratig the events, Mr Wuchner told judge David Saunders: “I really enjoy a proper coffee out of a coffee machine, rather than the normal airport coffee, which is why I went to Starbucks. As soon as I ordered the coffee, the BA employee started to shout loudly that I was the last passenger so I should hurry up. I went as quickly as possible to the boarding gate, bearing in mind I had four coffees in my hand. I wasn’t running, but I went as quickly as I could. I was walking swiftly, bearing in mind the safety of my coffee cups.”

He further said that as he headed towards the BA desk, he slipped in the Baileys, flipping two metres in the air, sending the coffee cups flying and hitting his head on the floor.

Meanwhile, the Airways has rejected that amount, arguing the Montreal Convention limits its maximum liability.

Tom Bird, the barrister for British Airways, said: ”There are significant factual disputes between the parties, going not only to the circumstances of the accident but also to the nature and extent of the claimant’s injuries on his employment prospects and the reasons for the insolvency of his company, as well as the company’s past and future performance.”

During the trial, due to take place over four days in Central London County Court, medical professionals, including neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons, will testify.

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