take a break: Instagram launches ‘Take a Break’ feature for teens

Instagram has launched a new feature intended to make the app usage safer for teens and young adults. The photo and video-sharing platform calls it the ‘Take a Break’ feature and has rolled it out for US, UK, Canada and Australia, as per a report by Engadget. As the name implies, the feature is set to make the user take a break from the app and also help them set reminders to prevent excessive usage of the app. There will also be expert-backed tips to help the teenagers “reflect and reset.”
The move has come just before the testimony of Instagram head Adam Mosseri this week about the danger kids are facing online and how to protect them.
Instagram also plans to roll out a new tool for parents and guardians to monitor the amount of time being spent by their kids and wards on the app and set limits for them. The feature is set to come out in March.
There are several other features reportedly in testing too. One of them deals with the teens removing your activity on the app from when they were a lot younger.They can bulk delete their pics and also remove the likes and dislikes. The feature is expected to be rolled out in January.
Another test feature will add to the feature which stops adults from DMing teens who are not their followers. Now, Instagram plans to entirely remove “the ability to tag or mention teens by adults who don’t follow them, or to include their content in Reels Remixes or Guides”, added the report.

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