This Unique Sweet Dish From Michelin 3-Star Restaurant In Spain Has Internet Confused

How many of you are hardcore dessert lovers? Well, the joy of digging in wholesome sweetmeats is unmatchable. Be it homemade desserts or any other exotic sweet dish, there’s always a scope for something sweet after a good meal. Right? However, which names come to your mind when we say desserts? Maybe, cakes, cookies, chocolates, cheesecakes, gajar ka halwa, rasmalai or gulab jamun? We are sure there may be many names. However, the way in which a dessert is served makes it all the more amazing. There are so many restaurants and food joints that opt for really creative ways of serving desserts to grab eyeballs. Now, we want you to look at an interesting dessert update straight from a restaurant in Spain.

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It is to be noted that the restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, holds three Michelin stars. A special dessert video from this place is getting popular on Reddit. Well, it has left the users surprised. Why? Because it isn’t a regular dessert you usually get to see. The dish looks magical and bizarre at the same time. It resembles a cloud that’s flying in the air. Curious, already? Let us spill the beans. In the video, we can see a chef placing the cloud-like dessert on the platter. What is that, but? It’s a cake that is also a cloud of distilled mushrooms, anchored to the plate, or else it would fly to the ceiling.

People couldn’t help but drop their take on the dessert in the comments section.

A user wrote, “Airborne mould.”

Another mentioned, “Distilled…mushrooms?? For dessert? If someone feeds me distilled mushrooms as a dessert I’m gonna be sad. I assumed it at least tasted like vanilla or something else fairly delicious. But no, it probably tastes like the essence of fungus.”

A comment read, “I’ve never been eating dessert and thought “you know what this is missing? mushrooms.”

“So it’s air and mushrooms. For dessert? I’ll have the brownie thanks,” wrote a person.

Someone stated, “Wow, sounds interesting but have you ever put a doughnut in the microwave.”

What do you think about this unique dessert?

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