Times Square Gun Ban Bill Signed By New York Mayor Eric Adams – Deadline

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today signed a bill to to designate Times Square a so-called gun-free zone.

“Millions of New Yorkers and tourists flock to Times Square to see Broadway shows,” Adams said in a statement about the new bill, “enjoy a good meal, and take photos of the neon billboards, and we will not allow them to live in fear or distrust that someone is walking around with a gun ready to harm them.”

The bill signing comes just a day after New York State Attorney General Letitia James filed a motion requesting a stay in the recent ruling by a federal judge that blocked key parts of New York State’s concealed carry gun laws. James has asked the court to continue the ban in “sensitive places” including Times Square and the city’s subways.

At a press conference in Times Square this morning, Adams said that the city will comply with “whatever the courts hand down” as the legal battle continues.

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