Top reasons why studying B. Tech ECE can be a transformative experience

Btech ECE is all about the study of the concepts of the fields of electronics and communication, which helps you to gain deep learning about these subjects in technological ways. The field of electronic communication engineering is in extensive demand and has great future scope, which has many career opportunities for your future. People are now preferring the btech program of ECE engineering more than others. If you are confused about why it is so, here is your answer.
Why Btech ECE
The engineering program of ECE is a growing program that offers the students the knowledge and skills to lend them a good career. This course helps the students to pursue deep learning and skills related to electrical engineering, including knowledge of computers, software, and hardware. With the world being more technology-driven, this program would be an effective way out.
It has many advancements in passing years, which leads to a higher and great future scope for students in the ECE field, including both academic and career opportunities.


Reasons why ECE engineering is a transformative experience
Due to its high demand, and growing field, the field of ECE is highly preferred among students and those who are in search of engineering jobs related to the field of electronics and communication.
Here are the top reasons, why and how the Btech ECE program can be a transformative experience for the students,

  • Expand of knowledge – Due to the reason that electronics are the core of communication systems and networks, they are the main element for bringing data, video, and voice via different technologies. This course in electronic communication helps the students to enhance and develop their knowledge related to the world of electronics. One gets proper skills and knowledge in this engineering field, which allows him/her to explore the industries to pursue a good career in the future.
  • The leading edge of the future – The field of electronics and communication is considered the leading edge of the world in the trending technological times. Everyone is now preferring fast technology, which helps in evolving and due to being more complex, this technology is getting used everywhere now, including businesses, industries, and homes. It gives rise to new opportunities, in the evolving world of electronics. Hence, ECE opens up many doors for you to pursue a good career.
  • A plethora of job opportunities – A successful program in Btech electronic communication engineering offers you numerous career opportunities in the leading industries of engineering. It also includes fields like defense, electronics, robotics, mechanics, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, computer networking, power electronics, embedded systems, steel and petroleum engineering, telecommunication engineering, wireless communications and many more.
  • Lucrative salary – Employees occupied in the field of ECE usually get high salary packages in their jobs. Being a graduate or postgraduate student in the same field, you can expect up to 4-7 LPA of CTC in your first job, as compared to other industries. One can also opt for higher studies in their desired specialization offered in the electronic and communication field of engineering.
  • Enhance your learning – The academic learning of the program of ECE engineering, provides you hands-on experience and leadership development. The educational institutions help the students to train them and prepare them per the industrial demands for a better future. Good engineering colleges also offer you highly-educated faculties that support you in your better learning and understanding of the subjects more clearly.

Get to know better about ECE at Bennett University
Bennett university is one of the best engineering colleges in India, that offers you a wide range of top-demanding programs for your better future. It also offers you one of the best engineering programs of Btech ECE, which helps the student to pursue education related to electronics and communications through project and practical-based learning.
The course of electronic communication engineering, also provides two specializations with electives, that you can choose from to pursue your further studies in your desired subjects,
1. Data and Signal Analytics

  • Computer Vision
  • Data Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Deep Learning

2. Embedded Systems and IoT

  • Embedded System Hardware
  • Embedded System Hardware-Software Co-Design
  • Introduction to Real-Time Operating System
  • IoT Networks and Protocols

This program deals with studies related to the areas of design, development, research and manufacturing of the Internet of Things, 5G & Beyond, and Information Processing & Analytics. Students undertake courses in Basic Sciences, Mathematics, and Basic Engineering, along with core subjects of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE).
Btech Electronic and communication engineering is one of the top demanding fields of engineering that is continuously growing in the technological world. It has great future scope for both itself and the students who pursue this course, as it will always have enormous career opportunities for the people, who want to have a secured and highly-paid job in their life.

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