Trailer Watch: An Aspiring Stuntwoman Fights For Her Sister in Nida Manzoor’s “Polite Society”

Described as a “very merry mash up of sisterly affection, parental disappointment, and bold action,” “Polite Society” tells the story of an aspiring stuntwoman who is forced to put her skills to test in the real world. A new trailer for Nida Manzoor’s feature debut introduces us to Ria (Priya Kansara, “Bridgerton”), a schoolgirl with an affinity for martial arts who spends her days training and making videos. “My sister Lena is the only person who believes in me,” she explains.

But Lena has been seeing a guy who Ria thinks is a “smarmy wanker.” When her sis becomes engaged, Ria becomes convinced that her brother-in-law to be is surrounded by “evil” people. “They are not taking her away without a fight,” she declares. “Mischief is afoot.”

Manzoor is best known for creating “We Are Lady Parts,” a Channel 4 sitcom about a punk band composed of Muslim women.

“Polite Society” is screening at Sundance Film Festival, which kicked off January 19 and runs through January 29. You can catch it in theaters April 28.

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