Trailer Watch: Anna Kendrick is Trapped in an Abusive Relationship in Mary Nighy’s “Alice, Darling”

“Is this what you think love is?” Anna Kendrick is asked in a new trailer for “Alice, Darling.” Mary Nighy’s feature directorial debut tells the story of Alice (Kendrick), a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Concerned about her welfare, Alice’s best friends (Wunmi Mosaku and Kaniehtiio Horn) invite her on a week-long getaway at a cottage with plans to stage an intervention. Alice lies to her controlling and manipulative boyfriend (Charlie Carrick) about why she’s heading out of town, claiming that it’s a work obligation. It’s clear that he’d have a major problem with her leaving him alone for a couple of days if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Alice’s friends can’t help but notice she’s tense and preoccupied. She’s also pulling her hair out. When they express their unease about her relationship, a defensive Alice snaps, “I don’t know how any of this is your business. [He] loves me. I’m happy.” She couldn’t be any less convincing.

The girls trip takes an unexpected turn when Alice’s boyfriend shows up after reading her emails and discovering where she actually is. “I’m the only person who knows you,” he tells Alice. “Nobody loves you like I love you.”

Kendrick received an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in “Up in the Air.” The “Pitch Perfect” actress’ upcoming slate includes “The Dating Game,” which she’s starring in and directing. The pic is based on the true story of a woman who went on a date with a serial killer after meeting him on a TV game show.

Written by Alanna Francis, “Alice, Darling” opens in LA December 30 and expands January 20.

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