Trailer Watch: Fortune Feimster Cracks Jokes About Her Proposal in “Good Fortune”

Stand-up comedian and actress Fortune Feimster is back with another Netflix comedy special. “I knew pretty early on that Jax was the one,” she says in the trailer for “Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune,” reflecting on the early days of her romance with now-wife Jacquelyn Smith. “So I called my friend and she said, ‘Oh, you’ve gotta go to Big Sur’ – and no, that was not my nickname in high school.”

Filmed at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, “Good Fortune” sees the “Mindy Project” alumna divulging her experiences with courtship, engagement, and marriage itself, warts and all. “Expanding on her confessional brand of comedy and how she’s different than what meets the eye,” the synopsis teases, “Fortune reflects on her own good fortune, including some big life events she’s experienced the last couple years like falling in love with her wife and the extravagant proposal she planned that didn’t go as expected.”

The trailer shows Feimster recalling how she orchestrated said proposal: “How ‘bout some strawberries?” she asks. “But let’s dip them in chocolate, otherwise it’s fruit.”

Feimster is among the special’s exec producers. 

“Good Fortune” comes two years after the comedian’s previous Netflix title, “Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty.” That comedy special sees Feimster tell her coming-of-age story, recounting her experiences as a Girl Scout, debutante, and disqualified swim meet champion.

Aside from her role as Colette Kimball-Kinney on “The Mindy Project,” Feimster’s acting credits  include “Office Christmas Party” and “Kenan”

“Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune” premieres October 25 on Netflix.

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