Trailer Watch: “Jacinta” Explores Intergenerational Trauma and Addiction

First-time director Jessica Earnshaw takes viewers inside Maine Correctional Center, where 26-year-old Jacinta and her mother, 46-year-old Rosemary, are incarcerated together, in “Jacinta.” An exploration of intergenerational trauma and drug addiction, the doc sees the pair reflecting on their past and struggling to build a better future. “My first time being incarcerated, I was 15, and there haven’t been many breaks since,” says Jacinta in a new trailer for the Tribeca winner.

Jacinta is preparing for release, but her mother has years left on her sentence. “I feel guilty, but I miss my daughter,” Jacinta explains.

Rosemary also discusses the toll that guilt — as well as shame and resentment — has taken on her. “Living in that, you can never really move forward,” she observes.

When Jacinta is released and makes an effort to reconnect with her 10-year-old daughter, she struggles to remain sober. “My addiction is way stronger than I am,” she admits.

“I’ve always been interested in the way patterns repeat themselves through generations, how unhealed trauma is processed by the next generation, and the strong ties that bind families and mothers and daughters together,” Earnshaw told us. “When I first met Jacinta, who was incarcerated with her mother Rosemary, I was wrapping up a project that I had been working on at the same prison. I was struck by their closeness and banter, and felt like there was a story within their relationship.” She explained, “Jacinta is incredibly smart and articulate, and I was curious to understand how she ended up in prison with her mother.”

“Jacinta” was shot over a period of three years. Slated to premiere on Hulu and in select theaters October 8, the film landed Earnshaw the Albert Maysles New Documentary Director Award at Tribeca.

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