Trailer Watch: Phoebe Robinson Talks Quarantine and Reparations in HBO Max Special “Sorry, Harriet Tubman”

“It feels so good to be out — and away from my boyfriend,” announces Phoebe Robinson in a new trailer for her HBO Max comedy special, “Sorry, Harriet Tubman.” The stand-up and “2 Dope Queens” co-host is emphatic about the fact that she loves her partner, but readily admits that COVID-19 took a toll on their relationship. “We quarantined for 15 months — don’t nobody want to live the Martin Scorsese cut of a relationship,” she jokes.

The spot also sees the “Ibiza” and “I Love Dick” actress making the case for updating reparations. “To stuff that’s going to benefit my life,” she explains. “I don’t want 40 acres and a mule! That’s too much work.”

Marking Robinson’s first-ever solo stand-up special, “Sorry, Harriet Tubman” debuts on HBO Max October 14.

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