TV Actor Chandrika Saha’s 21-Year-Old Husband Bangs 15-Month-Old Son On Floor, Booked | People News

New Delhi: Famous TV actor Chandrika Saha’s husband has been booked for allegedly injuring their 15-month-old son by banging him against their bedroom floor. The actor approached the police and filed a complaint against her 21-year-old husband Aman Mishra. As per HT, the child has been admitted to a private hospital in Malad and has been undergoing treatment. 

Saha, a Malad resident reportedly told the police that her husband Aman was not happy with the birth of their child. The actor who has worked on popular series like ‘CID’, ‘Adaalat’ and ‘Savdhaan India’ said she was a divorcee when she first met Aman, a share trader in 2020. The two had an affair during which she found out that she was pregnant with his child. As per Saha, Aman insisted on her getting an abortion. 

The couple often fought over the issue of her pregnancy, Saha informed police. She delivered her child and the duo finally got married when he turned 14 months old. 

Saha, in her complaint, mentioned that on Friday, she asked Aman to take care of their child while she was in the kitchen. The accused was asked to calm down the infant who was crying. As per Saha, She rushed to their bedroom after she heard her son screaming and noticed that the toddler was laying injured on the floor. Saha further mentioned that she had heard a loud thug while she was in the kitchen. 

On Saturday, when she checked the CCTV installed in their bedroom, she noticed that Aman had banged her son against the floor three times. She then approached the police along with the footage and lodged a complaint against her husband for injuring their child. 

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