Twitter Exec Clarifies That New Blue Feature Has Not Launched Yet – Deadline

Despite some users getting a notice that the new Twitter Blue program is ready, project manager Esther Crawford, one of the survivors of the great purge at the company, said a longer version of “uh-uh” in her own tweet today.

“The new Blue isn’t live yet,” Crawford tweeted. “The sprint to our launch continues, but some folks may see us making updates because we are testing and pushing changes in real-time.”

Crawford herself made news earlier this week, as pictures circulated of her sleeping on the floor near her desk at Twitter headquarters in an effort to grind out the new Blue system by CEO Elon Musk’s rumored Nov. 7 deadline.

“Since some people are losing their minds I’ll explain: doing hard things requires sacrifice (time, energy, etc),” Crawford said. “I have teammates around the world who are putting in the effort to bring something new to life so it’s important to me to show up for them & keep the team unblocked.”

The errant Twitter Blue test notifications promised a $7.99 price point (down a cent from the rumored $8, and way down from the initial $20), and promised that users would be allowed to post longer videos and endure fewer ads.

Unclear was whether those holding existing blue checks would suddenly lose them. Reports indicated a 90-day grace period to retain the coveted signal would be in effect before losing the mark. Since the program isn’t finalized, all of that – or none of it – may be in the works.

Musk himself tweeted out one innovation that the team is working on.

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