U.S. Adds 261,000 Jobs In October As Unemployment Ticks Up To 3.7% – Deadline

The U.S. economy added a still-robust 261,000 jobs in October and the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.7%, giving a final snapshot of the market before the midterm elections.

The number of jobs added was nearly same same as in September, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.5% to 3.7% since March.

The most significant job gains were in health care, professional and technical services and manufacturing.

The jobs picture remains healthy even as the Federal Reserve engages in a series of significant rate hikes in an effort to rein in inflation. The interest rate hikes have triggered concerns of a recession instead of a so-called “soft landing” as the government tries to control prices.

Average hourly earnings grew at a rate of 0.4% for the month, or 4.7% from a year earlier.

Employment in motion pictures and recording rose 3,700 to 436,500, according to the seasonally adjusted numbers. Broadcasting jobs fell by 1,000 to 232,900. Employment in publishing — which excludes internet jobs — dropped by 4,900 to 840,500.

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