UK Woman Left With ‘Shark Hand’ After Battle With Sepsis

The fingers on the left hand of Sadie Kemp had to be amputated due to sepsis.

A woman in the United Kingdom (UK) was left with a hand looking like a ‘shark head’ after a surgery performed by doctors to fight a vicious infection in her body. Thirty-four-year-old Sadie Kemp posted a video on her TikTok handle where she recounted her ordeal.

Kemp never thought the video would go viral. It has been viewed more than 75 million times since being posted.

“I wasn’t aware my hand was going to look like a shark’s head till it had actually been released from my abdomen,” The Mirror quoted her as saying.

Kemp’s problems began in December when she visited a doctor after experiencing a sharp pain in the abdomen and back. The doctors proscribed some pain killers and sent Kemp home but asked her to return if things got worse.

The former healthcare worker was rushed to the hospital on Christmas Day when the doctors decided to put her in an induced coma for two weeks. The doctors diagnosed her with kidney stone and the next day – Boxing Day – the infection stated spreading in her body, according to Peterborough Telegraph. The doctors them moved Kemp to the emergency ward to perform the surgery to remove the kidney stone.

The doctors said that the kidney stone had caused an infection that, in turn, triggered sepsis – a life-threatening condition in which the body attempts to fight the infection and in the process attacks its own tissues and organs.

The doctors then had to amputate her fingers. They also sewed the hand into a pouch and into her abdomen to ensure blood kept flowing through it.

“I looked at it for the first time and I moved what was left of my thumb and I was just like ‘Wow, it looks like a shark’,” Kemp was quoted as saying by New York Post.

But she has taken the side effect in stride, even posting a video singing “Baby Shark” using her hand. This has moved the internet. “And still she can stay positive congratulations,” a users said on Twitter.

Kemp’s childhood friend Stephanie King has created a GoFundMe page to raise money to support her family. It has raised over $38,000 as of Tuesday morning.

Kemp is currently in Peterborough City Hospital and has been told that she will need to have her other hand and both legs amputated below her knees.

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