Ukraine Compares Fight Against Putin To ‘Die Hard’ In Video — Watch – Deadline

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has released a Christmas-themed video comparing the fight against Russia to the 1988 Bruce Willis-starrer Die Hard.

The clip features an edited version of a trailer for the 1988 action pic, with Ukraine touting its new Himars system (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) and insisting the “underdog” will win.

“This Christmas, Ukraine celebrates the festive story of how an arrogant terrorist’s special military operation was thwarted by a scrappy underdog,” reads the text at the beginning of the video. It’s posted on Twitter alongside the caption “An underdog who wins against the bad guys. This is the kind of story we all enjoy. Dedicated to all the die hards on the front line. Ukraine will win! Yippee Ki-Yay…!”

In the clip, Russia is represented by Alan Rickman’s character Hans Gruber and Willis’ John McClane represents Ukraine.

“It was the perfect plan with nothing left to chance, until it all went wrong,” reads the text, followed by footage of Willis’ McClane exclaiming “Welcome to the party pal!”

The video also features an edited version of one of the most famous scenes from the film – a dead terrorist with “I now have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho.” The video text reads “Now I have HIMARS, Ho-Ho-Ho.” HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), is a five-ton truck that can fire long-range guided rockets.

The video concludes with the text “The war you never wanted is the one you can’t afford to lose. This Christmas, the age-old story of David & Goliath hits close to home.”

You can watch it below.

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