UP Cop Was Asked To Load A Gun. He Triggered Laughter Instead

An officer asking a cop how he would load a gun at a police station in UP.

Sant Kabir Nagar (UP):

How do you load a rifle? At least you expect a cop to know. But a sub-inspector at a UP police station shocked his bosses — and the internet, since the video is now viral — as he tried to put the bullet through the hose, treating the gun like a cannon from a couple of centuries ago.

“This is the process to fire in such a way that no one gets injured,” he told the inspecting officer, who quickly told him not to demonstrate.  Asked how he would unload, he simply tilted the gun forward, and the bullet slid out.  

This bizarre scene is from when the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) RK Bhardwaj went for a surprise check at a police station in Sant Kabir Nagar.

The video shows the officer holding back his laughter while other cops struggle not to giggle. He eventually tells the personnel to keep training and learn how to handle emergencies. It’s not clear if any action followed.

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