UpScalio launches private-label gaming brand Archer Tech Labs

UpScalio, an Indian e-commerce roll-up, has announced the launch of Archer Tech Labs, an electronic peripherals brand exclusively geared towards the gaming industry. Archer Tech Labs is exclusively built for gamers and supplies a large selection of gaming accessories with features at a competitive price point.
Under Tech Labs, the company has introduced 12 products across cooling pads, gaming mice, gaming keyboards and mousepads on Amazon.
The company has also confirmed that it has taken a customer-centric approach to its product development and will continue to build features that claim to elevate the gaming experience.
Archer Tech Labs is also planning to tie up with esports teams, and gaming media outlets and is also developing a comprehensive social media strategy to promote the brand. They will also participate in events such as Comic-Cons to reach their target audience.
Speaking on the development, Spokesperson – UpScalio, said “This is the first time we’ve decided to build a brand from scratch. Having worked on our existing brands, our teams were well-versed with the market segment, which made the decision-making much faster. We identified a large selection gap for gamers and quickly built a unique product portfolio to service that. We will expand Archer to global markets such as the USA and the Middle East, and also debut it on other Indian marketplaces. Based on the customer response we’ve seen, we’re targeting a 20Cr ARR in one year of operations.”

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