US Teen Tried To Kill Parents, Was Upset When Told They Survived: Police

Jeremiah’s plan was to carry out the shooting on Mother’s Day, but instead waited for a few hours.

A teenager in the US tried to kill his parents after Mother’s Day ended and was disappointed that they survived the attack. According to New York Post, Jeremiah Estel Blair was upset over his upbringing and planning the attacks for years. The 19-year-old allegedly short his parents inside their home near Phoenix on Monday, the outlet further said quoting the police. The couple were rushed to the hospital, where they were treated for their wounds. The man was arrested and admitted to the shooting.

“Blair reported being upset over his upbringing and he felt he was not treated as he should have been as a child,” the Post quoted police detectives as saying.

His initial plan was to carry out the shooting on Mother’s Day, but instead waited for a few hours.

Blair attacked his father when he came downstairs from his room at 5.30am and recorded the shooting. He told his father that the day “was coming” before shooting him in the arm.

The old man ran back to his bedroom and his wife came out of the room to see what was happening and was shot in the chest.

Blair was very happy to know that his mother is going to die, as per the court documents published by Fox 10.

“Defendant showed remorse for the fact that his parents will live,” the outlet further said citing court documents. “Defendant knew his actions were wrong, but still attempted to shoot and kill his parents.”

Blair is facing two counts of first-degree attempted murder, cops said. He is currently in police custody.

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