Uttarakhand’s New Law on Live-in Relationships: Couples Consider Leaving India | India News

  • Alka Dhupkar
  • TIMESOFINDIA.COMUpdated: Feb 9, 2024, 18:56 IST IST

A couple in a live-in relationship in Dehradun fears being targeted after Uttarakhand passed the Uniform Civil Code which mandates that live-in relationships must be registered and the information shared with the local police

When Snehal and Mitesh moved to the cooler, calmer climes of Dehradun in Uttarakhand during the Covid pandemic, they thought they had found their little piece of paradise.
They were in a live-in relationship; the pandemic had opened remote working opportunities allowing them to move from a big city to the mountains; their parents had blessed their unconventional union; life in Dehradun was less rushed; and the weather, most of the time, was dream-like.

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