Virtual Avatars To Go On Dates On Your Behalf

Dating apps use AI for personalized profiles and matches, including facial recognition.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, quietly influencing various aspects of our lives. From tailoring social media feeds to suggesting movies and enhancing shopping experiences, But its influence may soon extend beyond our digital personas and into the world of real-life love relationships.

Bumble, a popular dating platform, is exploring the integration of AI “concierges” that engage with other users’ virtual assistants. Picture digital avatars acting as intermediaries, sorting through potential matches and arranging real-life meetings based on compatibility.

According to The Independent, the founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, has revealed how the app may use artificial intelligence (AI) to test compatibility among users and their matches.

Wolfe Herd spoke candidly about the future of Bumble and its potential changes while appearing at the Bloomberg Technology Summit on May 9. She shared how AI could affect the dating scene, noting that she wanted it to “help create more healthy and equitable relationships” on Bumble.

The entrepreneur gave an example of how the app could reach its goal, noting that “in the near future,” Bumble users could be “talking to [their] AI dating concierges.”.

You could share your insecurities [with the dating concierge],” she said. “‘I just came out of a breakup. I have commitment issues.’ And it could help you train yourself into a better way of thinking about yourself. And then it could give you productive tips for communicating with other people.”

This is just one example of AI’s growing presence in our social interactions. AI-powered chatbots are already serving in customer service roles, providing companionship, and aiding in language learning. Additionally, facial recognition technology facilitates social connections and device access. Looking ahead, AI may further influence areas such as mental health support and personalised education.

The extent to which society embraces AI in social contexts remains uncertain. However, it’s evident that AI is no longer confined to science fiction; it’s a tangible force shaping how we engage with the world.

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