Watch Spider-Man’s gameplay in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel has revealed the Spider-Man gameplay in Midnight Suns, its upcoming team-based game. This makes him the third character to get a deep-dive gameplay reveal after Captain America and Iron Man.
Spider-Man is one of the most loved characters of Marvel and true to his agility and swift attacks, he will be a character that can deal quick damage to multiple enemies in Midnight Suns, with a focus on smartly conserving his Heroism. His main strength is the use of environment, which he will be able to do best of all the Marvel characters featured in the game.
In the game, Heroism is a very important resource for the characters as it gives them the chance to use the Heroic Cards, which bring about their ultimate abilities against the opponents. Spider-Man has got several ways to conserve his Heroism in the fight so that it can be used later. For example, if Peter uses the Opportunist card, he can use two environmental attacks without spending Heroism, plus he gets two extra moves on the turn so that he gets two chances to set up his position as best as possible. With an upgrade, the card allows him to deal more damage in the environmental attacks.
Spider-Man also has a passive ability called Bring Down The House. When unlocked, it gives him a 15% chance of his Heroism to get refunded after any environmental attack.
Web Slinger is the card that increases the attack damage of Peter and with an upgrade, it can be replayed multiple times during the match, which should give him a fighting chance against opponents stronger than him. Here is a full breakdown of the major abilities the superhero comes with.

Spider-Man Gameplay Showcase | Marvel’s Midnight Suns

So who’s next in the deep-dive gameplay reveals? Wolverine? Ghost Rider? There are going to be lots of these videos if Marvel is trying to give a crash course on how to play your cards well in the game.

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